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Secure Cloud Printing for Business uniFLOW Online

Enhance Document

uniFLOW Online helps avoid data breaches by limiting device usage to authorized users so they can be sure their confidential documents will be printed securely. 
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Control Printing

The volume of printing that occurs in an office can be surprising. One way to reduce unnecessary costs is to encourage users to print only what they need.
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Increase Employee 

Immediate productivity gains can be realized by allowing employees to print securely with print jobs following a user from device to device, and by offering new ways to print documents using mobile devices.
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Managed in the cloud.

Regionally hosted at Microsoft Azure™ Data Centers

Thanks to the unique technologies employed by uniFLOW Online, print jobs created on a user's Windows® PC remain within the customer's local network. Due to their nature, only mobile print jobs are processed in the cloud. Customer data remains within a customers' region at all times and print jobs stay within the organization's network. The entire configuration and management of uniFLOW Online takes place in the cloud. So that the requirement to purchase, maintain and manage local servers to utilize uniFLOW Online is completely removed.

Approximately 40% of business and IT leaders decide that security is their primary concern.

In 2015 12.4% of all data breaches were paper-based.

58% of business and IT leaders expect significant cost savings by using cloud services.

75% of users say the business value of mobile printing is similar to PC printing with another 15% saying it’s actually greater.

79% of business and IT leaders expect to achieve significant improvements in productivity through cloud investments.

Is my Print Job uploaded to the Cloud?

With uniFLOW Online all print jobs are processed and stored on the user's local PCs rather than being sent via the internet to a cloud-based service.  Find out more...

Where is my Data stored?

uniFLOW Online is hosted in Microsoft Azure™ data centers distributed across the globe. Data sovereignty is maintained because customer data remains within the local region.
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How does secure Mobile Printing work?

Users can place a print job into their personal secure print queue from a smartphone or tablet by sending the file to be printed as an email to uniFLOW Online.
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