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Powerful scan processing with uniFLOW Online

Scan processing incorporates various features which add additional functionality and automation to the scanning process. uniFLOW Online scan technologies guarantee improved office productivity through enhanced and simplified scan workflows. It also increases document security whilst reducing the impact on network traffic and storage capacity.

Enhanced image quality and cleaned up documents

Clean images are essential for any document imaging workflow. uniFLOW Online can automatically enhance the quality of scanned images. Administrators are able to establish default scan settings and output formats within the uniFLOW Online portal which further reduces the need for user interaction, saving valuable time and reducing manual errors.

Pages can be automatically rotated and despeckle and deskew operations improve image quality and OCR accuracy. Lines, dark borders and blank pages can be removed without user interaction. Barcode data can be read and used as part of the file name when sending a document to the cloud destination.

Integrated OCR technology

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can extract text from a scanned document; text within documents can be automatically identified and applied to create searchable PDF files or editable documents so a user can search for and copy specific content within the document. The OCR engine utilized by uniFLOW Online supports over 130 languages.

Highly compressed and encrypted PDF

uniFLOW Online offers PDF formats which can be compressed to less than 5% of its original size, thanks to the unique IRIS iHQC™ technology. This, in turn, reduces the impact on network traffic and storage capacity. In addition, PDFs can be encrypted, utilizing the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) technology, and password protected.