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Fleet Management

Fleet Management provides an easy toolset to monitor the device fleet and manage print and scan services. Volume, device meter count collection and device status are documented for all devices, independent of their brand or model. Fleet Management ties in with uniFLOW Online, allowing central management within a single cloud platform.

Keep control of your devices

To monitor your device fleet, widgets can be added to an administrator’s dashboard to provide a quick overview of the fleet’s health status and the status of individual devices. If certain device status events occur e.g. device error or paper out, a status email notification can be triggered automatically to keep downtime to a minimum.

uniFLOW Online also counts device volumes and collects meter readings for all devices whatever their brand or model. Once processed, this information is displayed in widgets and reports. By providing detailed reports, uniFLOW Online shows actual running costs and identifies inefficient device use. Reports can be exported manually or automatically to a cloud service of choice at regular intervals, as CSV files, to be used for external business analytics services.

For more information on cost tracking, click here.

Meter readings for Canon/Canon Partners

Canon/ Canon partners can receive meter readings (Canon devices only) from their customer tenants in order to track individual device usage. The parent tenant administrator can enable this feature in their management tenant settings menu.

The following meters are sent from the device (via ULM): total, total full color and total black. All meters will be sent via email to the root administrator of the parent tenant. The meter readings provide the dealer with a first glimpse of their customer’s device usage.

Collect device information via MEAP/ AddOn applet

The Universal Login Manager applets for MEAP and AddOn devices have been enhanced to collect fleet management data and send it directly to uniFLOW Online. The collected information is used to populate the various fleet management widgets e.g. “Device status overview,” “Device list,” “Device volume” widget and the “Device volume” report. In addition, the information can be used to send automatic notifications in case of a status change.

No Data Collection Agent (DCA) installation is required, nor is the Fleet Management extension needed.

Perfect fit in Zero Trust environments

In Zero Trust environments, classic fleet management tools have their limitations as the devices are separate network identities which means information cannot be pulled very easily from a device. By enabling each embedded device applet to collect the device information, it can be pushed from the device to uniFLOW Online via one-way communication. However, this has one limitation; if the device is offline, no status update is available within uniFLOW Online.