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February 2019 | Press Release

uniFLOW Online 2019.1 Update

uniFLOW Online 2019.1 introduces print from cloud enabling users to print directly from connected third-party cloud services. The new scan template library provides easy installation of scan profiles. Administration is enhanced thanks to central department ID management and an improved onboarding of Canon imageRUNNER and i-SENSYS/ imageCLASS devices. In addition uniFLOW Online’s user interface has been redesigned.

Print from Cloud

This new feature enables users to print their cloud stored documents directly from connected Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices. Folder browsing and an option to change finishing options at the device are available. Documents can be saved to a print queue and printed at another time directly from cloud storage. The following cloud services are currently supported: Box, Dropbox, Evernote®, Google Drive™, Microsoft OneDrive®/ OneDrive® for Business, SharePoint® Online

Scan Template Library

uniFLOW Online 2019.1 introduces the scan template library to setup scan profiles. Search and filter options mean scan templates can be found quickly.
The order of scan profiles can be changed via drag and drop for easier access to the most common scan profiles. Further scanning improvements enable recognition of barcodes and blank pages and remove the need to use a black sheet when scanning receipts.

Central Department ID Management

The native Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE device department ID management provides cost and print log management for small to medium sized companies. However department ID codes had to be set manually on each device. This is no longer necessary as uniFLOW Online 2019.1 extends the native device capabilities by synchronizing up to 100 department ID codes with Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices. Additionally, entering the department ID or department ID + PIN code can be set as a login method.

Improved setup of Canon imageRUNNER/ i-SENSYS/ imageCLASS devices

The ‘uniFLOW Online Setup’ function enables quick onboarding of devices to uniFLOW Online/ uniFLOW Online Express. It leads users through the whole installation and registration process. The latest firmware (v.1.1.0) for supported Canon imageRUNNER and Canon i-SENSYS/ Canon imageCLASS devices also includes the setup button on the device user interface to facilitate direct onboarding of these devices.
In addition, remote onboarding and updating via ‘Device Setup Utility’ is supported. Devices with outdated applet versions are indicated in uniFLOW Online and a link to run the update wizard is provided.

Redesign and Reporting Improvements

Redesigned user interface
uniFLOW Online is now presented in a new, modern and high-contrast color scheme. Extra changes improve usability and supplementary descriptions have been added to icons.

Improved reporting performance
The way in which data is stored and reports are displayed has been updated. The new data model allows faster access to reports, addressing in particular the needs of companies with large amounts of data. uniFLOW Online 2019.1 also incorporates a filter for specific locations so only data for a selected location is shown in dashboard widgets and reports.

Reporting on departments
Users can be allocated to departments for reporting purposes i.e. print, scan, fax and copy volumes can be easily assigned to individual departments to guarantee precise accounting.

October 2018 | Press Release

uniFLOW Online 2018.2 Update

uniFLOW Online is expanding its reach to suit organizations of all sizes. The usability is greatly improved through changes in the user interface and supported by personalized tenant and device update notifications. It also comes with improved resilience in case of network failure, and additional scan destinations and scan output features.

Scaling-up of uniFLOW Online

uniFLOW Online 2018.2 expands its reach to suit organizations of all sizes. Organizations can now setup locations to group users and devices e.g. based on the department, floor, or geographical location. Users can only release their print jobs on devices allocated to their location. While a device location is pre-determined, users can move from one location to another. Setting up locations makes sure that internal network traffic is kept at a minimum.

Improved usability and personalized notifications

The ‘Notifications’ widget on the dashboard becomes dynamic and shows individualized notifications to users. Administrators are also automatically informed about available updates for connected Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices. The device update wizard looks automatically for updates and lists them in the device overview list. Usability is also greatly improved through a user FAQ providing quick answers to common questions, and through the improved mobile print user interface with additional configuration options for administrators.

Resilience in case of network failure

Emergency Account Access allows a group of 100 users to access Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices even in the event of network failure. Also the 100 last cached users still have access to the device. AMS permissions continue to apply and can restrict user access to certain device functions only.

Additional scan destination and scan output features

With this latest update, scanning in uniFLOW Online is extended by a new scan destination – Scan to Concur® – an travel and expense claim system by SAP®. On top, the scanning output settings have been extended. Administrators can predefine the file name and add tokens to it to display e.g. the user name.

June 2018 | Press Release

uniFLOW Online 2018.1 Update

uniFLOW Online 2018.1 further enhances the scanning functionality, incorporates a brand-new device-based connection to uniFLOW Online and comes along with increased security features and a simplified tenant setup and configuration.

Latest Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Firmware provides uniFLOW Online Setup Button

uniFLOW Online 2018.1 is released together with the latest update of Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE firmware (version 3.7), which is greatly improving the onboarding process of Canon devices. With the firmware update, uniFLOW Online and uniFLOW Online Express customers can easily install the required MEAP applets, activate the ULM and directly establish the connection to a tenant via a new button ‘uniFLOW Online Setup’ on the device’s touch screen user interface.

New Scanning Subscriptions, Scan Destinations and Scan Output Formats

With this release, two new subscriptions are available: ‘Basic Scanning’ and ‘Advanced Scanning’. ‘Basic Scanning’ provides additional scan destinations whereas ‘Advanced Scanning’ offers additional image processing options and output formats to the users. As part of the scanning subscriptions, a variety of cloud-based scan destinations are added to the scan proposition of uniFLOW Online as well as the new output format ‘PDF device-compressed’ and the option to control access to scan profiles on a user or group basis.

Important notes:
Existing customers running the ‘Basic Scanning’ subscription as a trial to use the image processing options need to switch to the ‘Advanced Scanning’ subscription to continue using the image processing options.
Existing customers using scan to Google Drive and customers wanting to use any of the new cloud-based scan destinations require to update the Canon MEAP applet to version 4.7. Please see the uniFLOW Online manual for further instructions.

Increased Security Options for Canon MEAP Devices

On the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE line-up, device features can now be restricted in combination with the Canon MEAP Access Management System (AMS) functionality. The AMS functionality allows the administrator to restrict functionality of the device based on the user login. By default, all users have full access to the devices. Administrators can restrict access to specific features on a user or group basis.

Simplified Tenant Setup and Configuration

With this latest update, the tenant creation wizard within a management tenant has been extended. When creating a customer tenant, administrators can choose within the wizard to either create a uniFLOW Online or uniFLOW Online Express tenant.

April 2018 | Press Release

uniFLOW Online 2018.0 Update

This latest addition to uniFLOW Online enhances the scanning functionality and incorporates a brand new, easy to use setup tool for the onboarding of Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices and comes along with the official launch of uniFLOW Online Express.

Launch of uniFLOW Online Express

With the launch of uniFLOW Online 2018.0, uniFLOW Online Express becomes officially available as a product. uniFLOW Online Express is a secure cloud-based authentication, scanning and accounting solution and launched as part of Canon’s award-winning second edition portfolio of 3rd Generation imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices – combining the latest hardware and software technology. The solution allows customers to create their own tenants via website for tenant self-creation.

Easy Onboarding of Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Devices

This release incorporates a brand-new setup tool which allows to automatically install or update the required MEAP applets, activates ULM, and automatically connects the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices to uniFLOW Online. The setup tool together with a newly created ‘Device Registration Code’ mechanism allows an easy onboarding of devices to a tenant.

New Scanning Functionality added to uniFLOW Online

With uniFLOW Online 2018.0, the following additional output formats are added: Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®. All three output formats come along with the above-mentioned image processing options. On top, Word and Excel also support the OCR engine taking full advantage of the IRIS functionality

SmartClient for Mac®

With this latest update, the SmartClient for Mac is available in an early access stage (limited functionality) to gather experience and feedback from the field before officially launching a final version to the market.

February 2018 | Press Release

New Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Devices launched with uniFLOW Online Express

NT-ware announces today the release of uniFLOW Online Express, a secure cloud-based authentication, scanning and accounting solution. uniFLOW Online Express is launched as part of Canon’s award-winning second edition portfolio of 3rd Generation imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices – combining the latest hardware and software technology.

About uniFLOW Online Express

uniFLOW Online Express is an integrated solution which augments the upgraded Canon device range. The solution also strengthens Canon’s extensive hardware portfolio including the imageRUNNER C3000 series and i-SENSYS/imageCLASS products, launched in 2017, as well as new black and white i-SENSYS/imageCLASS products to be launched later this year. It can help organizations to increase office productivity and control both costs and access to devices.

uniFLOW Online Express is an easy to configure, secure, cloud-based authentication, scanning and accounting solution suitable for organizations who do not want to invest in or manage local servers. This latest addition to the portfolio is based on the groundbreaking uniFLOW Online solution which has been developed to take maximum advantage of the Microsoft Azure™ cloud platform.

Add Value to Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Devices with uniFLOW Online Express

Flexible Authentication
With uniFLOW Online Express access to Canon devices is secured to prevent unauthorized access and usage. To gain access to devices, users simply authenticate using their company proximity card or by entering a PIN code. By providing secure access uniFLOW Online Express avoids the risk of data breaches and misuse because devices are locked so print, scan, copy and fax functionalities are not available to unauthorized visitors and employees.

Simple Document Scanning
uniFLOW Online Express simplifies document scanning on Canon devices significantly. Users can scan documents directly from any connected Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE. The lean, intuitive user interface combined with the secure ‘Scan to Myself’ and ‘Scan to Google Drive’ workflows result in immediate gains in productivity.


Track Print, Scan and Copy Costs
uniFLOW Online Express allows administrators to track the organization’s printing, copying, faxing and scanning costs which facilitates correct cost allocation to individual users. The cloud-based dashboard displays an overview of the organization’s print, scan and copy environment and different reports can be created to give detailed user, device and sampling summaries.

Cloud-based Infrastructure
uniFLOW Online Express’ innovative technology means there is no requirement for a local server. All configuration and management of the system occurs in the cloud, providing administrators with online reporting tools and dashboards. Thanks to its unique technology, immediate financial benefits are realized as local servers are not required and the burden on IT departments is reduced.

The new imageRUNNER ADVANCE series is available from February 2018 and uniFLOW Online Express will be available from April 2018.

February 2018 | Press Release

uniFLOW Online 2017.4 Update

This latest addition to uniFLOW Online now includes scanning functionalities and the option to create locations. As well as the major features available, different user roles can now be configured.

Scanning integrated in uniFLOW Online

This latest deployment adds scanning to uniFLOW Online. Users can now scan directly from any connected Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE. The lean and intuitive user interface, together with the secure ‘Scan to Myself’ and ‘Scan to Google Drive’ workflows, help to realize immediate gains in productivity.

Interactive Map showing Locations of Devices

uniFLOW Online 2017.4 allows administrators to create locations so organizations can allocate devices to specific areas. Different offices will be able to provide an overview of each location including local devices. The configured locations can then be displayed on a map with the ‘Location’ widget. Dealers will also benefit from the ‘Location’ widget as they can mark their sub-tenants’ devices as separate locations so will have an immediate overview of all sub-tenant locations and devices for each customer.

Improved Role Concept

uniFLOW Online 2017.4 introduces additional user roles to provide more flexibility when defining access rights. Available roles are: administrator, user, tenant manager, reports manager, fleet manager and partner administrator.

New Device Range supported with uniFLOW Online

uniFLOW Online 2017.4 extends device support by integrating additional ULM-enabled devices. uniFLOW Online can now connect and support the Canon imageRUNNER and i-SENSYS/imageCLASS devices listed below and will support new black and white i-SENSYS/imageCLASS products to be launched later this year:

  • Canon i-SENSYS MF735Cx/ imageCLASS MF735Cdw/ Satera MF735Cdw
  • Canon i-SENSYS MF635Cx/ imageCLASS MF635Cdw/ Satera MF635Cdw
  • Canon i-SENSYS LBP654Cx/ imageCLASS LBP654dw/ Satera LBP654C
  • Canon imageRUNNER C3025

November 2017 | Press Release

uniFLOW Online 2017.3 Update

This update further enhances the configuration process and incorporates simpler measures in terms of setup, configuration and tenant management as well as a new widget for mobile printing.

Simpler Setup and Configuration

With the release of uniFLOW Online 2017.3, the setup has been further improved to simplify the configuration process for the administrator. The previous uniFLOW Online print behavior configuration has been redesigned and is now a function-based configuration which is applicable to all devices. PIN codes can now be created automatically for new users in the system and to optimize the steps taken during the SmartClient configuration process, the order of the tabs has also been changed.

Simplified device configuration

Next to the simplified configuration processes, the tenant management has been improved as well. A ‘Root Administrator’ tab is available which displays the tenant-info email address and root administrator details. This allows to resend the confirmation with a new password. With uniFLOW 2017.3, also a tenant default language is implemented which is used for all users who do not have a language setting defined.

Root Administrator tab

Improved Mobile Printing

A ‘Mobile Print Jobs’ widget is now automatically available to the end user via the dashboard. It provides an overview of all jobs submitted via mobile print i.e. job name plus the date and time the job was created. Whilst the job remains in the queue users can also delete the print job using the widget.

‘Mobile Print Jobs’ widget

September 2017 | Press Release

uniFLOW Online 2017.2 Update

This latest addition to uniFLOW Online significantly simplifies the setup and configuration and includes various usability improvements. On top it adds additional device support.

Significantly simplified Setup, Configuration and Administration

With the release of uniFLOW Online 2017.2, the setup has been greatly improved to simplify the configuration process for the administrator. New wizards provide a guided step-by-step configuration of tenants, users and devices. A notification widget has been added to the dashboard which includes a quick-start guide to provide an overview of the state of the installation. To offer management tenants a clearer insight regarding the actual subscription usage, new reporting capabilities have also been incorporated.

Greatly improved Usability

Both administrator and users reap benefits from uniFLOW Online 2017.2’s upgraded usability. To simplify the sign-up process for both parties uniFLOW Online has been upgraded so users can sign-up themselves via their company email address. In addition, a notification widget has been added which is automatically available to the user via the dashboard and includes information as to how to get started with uniFLOW Online. The previous resources page has been redesigned and is now called “Start Printing”. It provides users with start-up instruction and download instructions for the SmartClient. Users can also upload files for printing via drag and drop and are provided with the mobile print email address.

“Start Printing” menu, providing start-up instructions and an easy file upload.

April 2017 I Press Release

uniFLOW Online 2017.1 Update

Today NT-ware announces its latest release of uniFLOW Online. This addition to the secure cloud printing solution adds support for the uniFLOW Release Station and enhanced mobile printing.

uniFLOW Release Station Support

In addition to supporting Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices for secure printing, uniFLOW Online now allows connecting any device using a uniFLOW Release Station. This expands the cloud-based secure printing to a wider fleet of devices. In addition to secure printing, full copy/print accounting is supported (copy accounting requiring a copy control cable).

Guest Mobile Printing

Known users could already submit print jobs per email from their mobile devices. Now uniFLOW Online also allows guests visiting an organization to submit print jobs and retrieve them from the printer. After submission of their print job, guests will receive an email with a job code, which they can use to login.

October 2016 I Case Study

Lier Fibernett – Norway

As demand grows for better internet and telecommunication services, Lier Fibernett provides faster and more reliable cable, TV, and fibre-broadband services under the brand name Altibox in Norway. Providing quality services to approximately 7.000 customers Lier Fibernett has a strong foothold in south-east Norway and business continues to grow rapidly. When the company separated from a larger group early in 2016, it changed its focus to key activities such as sales, planning & construction, customer service and administration.

Customer challenges and requirements

Prior to the company going solo Lier Fibernett was already using the print management solution uniFLOW, by which users could print documents securely and print jobs would follow them from device to device.  The need to print confidential documents e.g. resumes, job offers, management information or private documents remained.

Lier Fibernett no longer have a separate IT department; this responsibility is now shared between two employees whose primary roles do not include IT. Furthermore Lier Fibernett has only twelve employees which would have made the cost of servers relatively expensive therefore it was important to pursue a zero-server policy and make as much use of cloud services as possible. Stian Rostad, Customer Services' Manager and now in charge of IT hardware and software purchases explains "Without an IT department we don't want to spend any time or money managing servers. Therefore we only use cloud based services like Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox for Business, and a call management system that plugs in to Skype for Business which is why we require a cloud based print management solution."

The Solution - uniFLOW Online, cloud based print management

When Lier Fibernett wanted to purchase new multifunctional devices, it was clear that providing a cloud-based print management solution was an essential criteria for the purchase of the new devices. Canon partner Canon Business Center Buskerud was able to offer the brand-new cloud-based secure print solution, uniFLOW Online. Canon, the Canon partner CBC Buskerud, and Stian Rostad jointly worked together on the roll-out of uniFLOW Online. In the uniFLOW Online portal Canon created and configured the tenant for Lier Fibernett, which is their personal customer account. In this tenant Microsoft Office 365 is setup as an identity provider using Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). This way new users only need to be setup in Office 365 and not separately in uniFLOW Online.

Canon Business Center Buskerud was in charge of the roll-out of the devices - one Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 250 and one Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C3325i - and the overall project management. Finally Stian Rostad installed the SmartClient software on to users' desktops and laptops. The uniFLOW SmartClient allows print jobs to be processed and stored on users' local PCs rather than being sent via the internet to a cloud-based service. This way all print traffic stays within the local company network. After some minor technical setbacks, the combined solution is now working without any problems. As users were already used to working with uniFLOW further instructions were not required and they were able to print their documents securely immediately.

Looking ahead, Lier Fibernett will also make use of the mobile printing facilities of uniFLOW Online which will allow sales personnel and the planning & construction team to print remotely as well.

Benefits for Lier Fibernett

With the implementation of uniFLOW Online users once again have access to the powerful secure printing functionality, allowing them to print their confidential documents securely and pick-up their print jobs on either of the two devices. That, in combination with the scan to myself functionality, makes printing and scanning convenient and has increased overall employee productivity.

However some of the biggest benefits have come as a result of there being no requirement for a server. To Lier Fibernett this brings convenience and cost savings. By using a cloud-based print management solution, Lier Fibernett is able to follow their zero-server policy which saves costs for maintaining a server (estimated to be 24.000 - 30.000 NOK per year). It also saves valuable time, now not spent on server maintenance, which can be better spent on customer support.

Finally, by using secure printing unnecessary printing is prevented and the cloud-based print management solution reduces the power consumption of the print infrastructure. This means that Lier Fibernett reduces its environmental impact and contributes to a 'greener' world.

May 2016 I Press Release

Launch of uniFLOW Online

Today NT-ware, inventors of the award winning uniFLOW integrated network print and scan management software, announces its release of uniFLOW Online. This latest addition to the portfolio provides small and medium-sized businesses with a secure cloud print management solution designed to improve productivity and control print costs. uniFLOW Online offers a secure, serverless output management platform which installs effective print management and cost controls for businesses without the need for on-site print servers.

Simple, Serverless, Secure

Cloud-based Infrastructure

uniFLOW Online has been developed from the ground-up to enhance the benefits of the Microsoft Azure™ cloud platform, providing superior enterprise platform security, scalability and resilience for small to medium sized businesses. With uniFLOW Online's innovative technology there is no requirement for a local server. All system configuration and management takes place in the cloud and administrators are furnished with online reporting tools and dashboards. For normal print operations continuous connection to uniFLOW Online is not required.

Print Confidential Documents Securely

Secure management of documents, particularly in the cloud, is a key concern for today's businesses. uniFLOW Online delivers secure printing for sensitive documents and print jobs are released from the printer with a PIN code or proximity card. Secure print jobs stay within the customer's local network, ensuring that documents are always safe. The close integration with Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices offers improved flexibility as print jobs follow users from device to device, enabling documents to be printed and finalized from any compatible multi-function device (MFD).

Full Cost Control in the Cloud

Businesses intending to improve efficiency and maximize their IT investment can take control of print and copy costs using the uniFLOW Online reporting tools. Administrators can track their organization's printing and copying costs to ensure that they are charged to the correct department. Central reporting on print fleet usage and performance can also help administrators identify areas where printing and copying costs can be reduced. The reporting features can also be used to address sustainability requirements by monitoring and analyzing the environmental impact of an organization's print footprint.

Send Print Jobs from Anywhere

uniFLOW Online meets the demands of a modern business by providing a fluid mobile printing solution for employees, making it an ideal solution for today's workforce. Regardless of location, users can use smartphones or tablets to print documents securely. All jobs submitted appear in a user's secure print queue from where they can be printed, and afterwards accounted and charged for.

Leading Support for Office Solutions Partners

The introduction of a new SaaS business model has enabled office equipment and IT resellers, with limited in-house software experience or capacity, to provide customers with an effective and simple network print output management solution that complements Canon office hardware devices. uniFLOW Online enables Canon's channel partners to offer even better value to customers, with the majority of account support activities  being performed remotely; the result is lower support costs and resource overheads.

Key Facts of uniFLOW Online

  • Local Print Jobs and Regional Datacenters:
    To ensure the safety of documents secure print jobs stay within the customer's local network. All data remains within the originating region; it is not routed via other legal jurisdictions.
  • Increase Document Security:
    By providing secure access to devices, uniFLOW Online ensures confidential documents do not fall into the wrong hands.
  • Increase Office Productivity:
    Increase employee productivity with the provision of mobile printing facilities where necessary.
  • Control and Reduce Printing and Copying Costs:
    With uniFLOW Online, administrators can track and assess print, copy, fax and scan usage and allocate costs direct to individual users or departments.