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Print confidential documents securely

With uniFLOW Online users are able to print confidential documents securely. Print jobs submitted using the uniFLOW SmartClient or Direct Secure Print stay within the local company network. All print jobs stay in a user’s personal secure print queue until the user authenticates at a device and releases them. With My Print Anywhere, print jobs follow users from device to device, allowing the release of print jobs on any printer within their location. Users can also alter finishing options directly at the device before printing.

The smart solution - uniFLOW SmartClient

The uniFLOW SmartClient is a small client application installed on a user’s local PC which operates the print job management and processing. It takes over tasks such as the storage of the print job information, provision of print job lists and, depending on configuration, storage of the print jobs until a user authenticates at a device before releasing print jobs. When moving to different sites, and even across national borders, the uniFLOW SmartClient will automatically download the printing configuration for each user’s current location. This means users only have to 'file, print' to one print queue regardless of where they are and what network printing resources are available. Moreover, users can still print securely, even when the connection to uniFLOW Online is interrupted. The setup can be adapted to fit specific customer requirements. The uniFLOW SmartClient also includes the uniFLOW Universal Driver.

uniFLOW Universal Driver

The unique technology of the uniFLOW Universal Driver provides a simple interface with advanced printing features to send print jobs regardless of the printer model or manufacturer being used. The uniFLOW Universal Driver also encrypts and compresses print jobs as they are sent from the client PC to the printer, reducing network traffic and enhancing security. Depending on configuration, the print job can stay within the local business network or stored in uniFLOW Online until being released.
By using the Universal Output Queue, it becomes possible for your customers to select the printer they would like to print to. Either printing directly to a physical device close by with immediate job release, or via the secure queue allowing release at any device.

Easy and secure - Direct Secure Print

Direct Secure Print provides secure My Print Anywhere functionality without using any client software. The print job is sent directly and held at a Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE/ imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX device; it will only be released after authentication and print job selection.
With Direct Secure Print, print jobs are sent directly, using the normal device driver, to a central holding device. While the print job itself stays in that holding device, the job information is sent to uniFLOW Online. A user can release his print job at any supported device within the location; the print job information is sent from uniFLOW Online which then requests release of the print job from the central holding device. This means users can view all their print jobs, including mobile print jobs, in a single queue from which each job can be released. In case of network disruption the job information will stay with the holder device and users can still print.

Combine uniFLOW Online and Universal Print

uniFLOW Online integrates natively with Microsoft’s Universal Print, a new cloud-based print service. Universal Print is designed to allow users to submit jobs from their Azure managed Windows 10 devices to printers which are managed and controlled by Azure AD. uniFLOW Online significantly extends Universal Print’s capabilities.

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Support of Chromebook printing - Chrome extension

Chromebooks have become an integral part of many educational establishments and businesses around the world where they are used on a regular basis. uniFLOW Online provides secure printing support for Google users with the new uniFLOW Online Chrome extension. Job release can take place at any connected device, with all accounting information being stored and accessible within reports. Close collaboration with Google on the development of Chrome OS printing ensure a future proof integration.

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Auto-release print jobs for secure print submission

With the optional auto-release feature, all print jobs will be automatically released after 5 seconds upon successful authentication at the device. There is no need to touch the device and time is saved as a user does not need to search through and select print jobs.

Print delegation

Print jobs often need additional input by a colleague; this can be a home office user whose print job is needed by a colleague in the office or the manager who hands over letters to a secretary. When dealing with sensitive and personal information, making sure that information is handled in a secure manner is of great importance. 

In such situations, delegating a print job ensures that the document is transferred to the secure queue of the selected user from where it can safely be printed out. Once delegated, the recipient is notified via email and the print job is available in their secure queue.

Local processing of print jobs

It is an innovation in enterprise printing. Print jobs are processed on users’ PCs by the uniFLOW SmartClient or on a supporting Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE device. They are retained securely until they are required. When print jobs are sent to the printing device they remain compressed and protected.