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NT-ware utilizes regional data centers, so our customers' data is located within an appropriate region and legal governance for each respective customer.

NT-ware’s general privacy statement

NT-ware abides by local laws under the EU framework. We notify customers of any breach unless we are asked not to by law enforcement agencies. Any requests to us by a government or law enforcement body will be notified to the end customer unless it is a direct violation of the legal request.

For more information on NT-ware’s privacy policy, click here: uniFLOW Online privacy policy

How are data requests handled?

If NT-ware receives a request for personal data for an individual, we will handle this in accordance with local legislation. Data will always be handled according to laws applicable to the region in which the data is stored. NT-ware will do its utmost to inform the data owner of the request unless instructed otherwise by government or law enforcement agencies.

Privacy questions and reporting

We take the handling of personal data very seriously. If you have any privacy concerns or feel there has been a data breach of any kind, please inform us immediately. We are committed to providing a response within 12 hours of the initial report.

  • Please direct privacy communication to
  • NT-ware has a dedicated Data Protection Officer (DPO) who will review any queries along with relevant security and internal departments.

Can NT-ware access my data?

To provide support and services NT-ware will require access to the systems and servers which may contain customer personal information.

  • Personally identifiable information (PII) access follows our 'need to know' model and is restricted to a limited number of people in NT-ware Operations/ Dev Ops.
  • PII is only actively accessed in response to a support request.
  • If we are collecting information under a legal request, see: 'How are data requests handled'.
  • PII Information accessed during a support investigation will never leave NT-ware or be shared with sub processors.

What information NT-ware can access is somewhat dependent upon the chosen configuration. Please consider carefully the functional and installation options to best suit your security requirements. Your Canon or Canon partner can help you with the best design options to keep print jobs local and reduce the PII present in the cloud service. Further options, such as using your own Mail Servers and Identity Providers, can further reduce the overall information exposure.