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Seamless integration of various devices

uniFLOW Online software is integrated as part of Canon devices via the embedded platform. It can also be used in a mixed-fleet environment using the uniFLOW Release Station.

Fully integrated with Canon devices

Designed to boost productivity in the office, Canon's multi-functional devices (MFD) and printers offer businesses of all sizes an intelligent platform to support and complement every stage of the document life cycle.

To offer extended device functionalities by installing specific software on the devices, hardware vendors implemented integrated MFD software development platforms. The industry's first integrated MFD software development platform was Canon's Multifunction Embedded Application Platform (MEAP). MEAP is a Java-based software environment used to create applications which reside inside Canon MFDs.

uniFLOW Online extends Canon devices by providing access control, secure printing, easy-to-use scanning capabilities and cost tracking with highly integrated device applications. The joint development efforts with Canon promote a perfect match and make uniFLOW Online an integral part of the Canon MFDs.

Embedded device applets for Canon office print and scan portfolio

Embedded device applets use Canon's MEAP technology to allow businesses to tailor the MFD’s user interface (UI) to specific workflow processes. The applications are installed on the MFD to display information from uniFLOW Online on the control panel. Different embedded applets are available according to functionality.

Universal Login Manager

The Universal Login Manager allows access to the Canon device for identified users only. It enables device-specific settings and will allow restrictions on single device features e.g., copying or printing. The Universal Login Manager embedded applet facilitates device login functionality and on-device cost center selection.

Secure Print Applet

The Secure Print Applet allows users to print jobs from their secure print queue. After identifying the device, all secure print jobs, regardless of how they are submitted to uniFLOW Online, are held in the queue for release using the control panel. Finishing options can be altered before print job release.

Scan Applet

The Scan Applet offers full scanning capabilities on the Canon MFD. The device UI presents scanning options and workflows for users to select from and serves the One-Button-One-Feature philosophy. The scan destinations displayed on the UI depend on the workflows configured for individual users.

Unified scan and print interface

Users can employ the same identification method and interface for scanning and printing when operating Canon multi-functional devices. After identification, users can select their scan profiles or their secure print queue so there is no need to manage users, roles, etc., separately. Users benefit from a similar look and feel, making it intuitive to complete all tasks at the device.

Multi-vendor ready

uniFLOW Online is also perfect for mixed-fleet printing environments. The uniFLOW Release Station takes over device access control and secure print functionality and can be connected to most devices. As a fully integrated solution with a card reader, touch screen, and embedded software the uniFLOW Release Station provides a single platform for businesses' secure and mobile printing requirements regardless of the type of device being used. Businesses benefit from the flexibility of true 'My Print Anywhere' output and increased document security across all platforms.

In situations where secure printing is not required, users can print directly to any multi-vendor device, regardless of the model. Upon sending a print job, a user can select the output device using a single driver. Printed documents are accounted for.