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Secure document scanning

Scanning, as well as protecting business data, has become increasingly important since business requirements have evolved and cloud usage has grown and found its way into daily office life. With uniFLOW Online users can securely scan to either their own email address or a variety of cloud destinations. Secure scan processing, device access control, the encryption of scanned files as well as state of the art cloud security standards; using uniFLOW Online helps protect your data thanks to high security standards that are considered across all features.

Document distribution

With uniFLOW Online users can scan documents directly from a connected device to their preferred scanning destination. The lean and intuitive user interface of the workflows helps to bring about immediate gains in productivity. The scan workflow 'Scan to Myself' is incorporated so setup is not necessary. Users can also scan directly to one of the following local and cloud-based destinations:

  • Desktop
  • Local network folder
  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Evernote®
  • Exchange® Online
  • Google Drive™
  • Microsoft OneDrive®
  • Microsoft OneDrive® for Business
  • Microsoft SharePoint® Online
  • SAP Concur®
  • Therefore™ Online
  • Microsoft Teams

Scan processing

uniFLOW Online offers a great set of scan processing features that improves every user’s office life. But what can users expect?
Users can benefit from easy scan processes, enhanced document quality, cleaned up documents through despeckle and deskew operations, receipt and business card scanning for all scan destinations as well as editable and searchable documents. Scanned files can be compressed to a fraction of the actual file size without having a major impact on image quality. To increase document security, scanned documents can also be saved as encrypted PDF files.

Structured filing of documents

The uniFLOW Online Scan Center accelerates structured document storage by learning document types and recognizing OCR-blocks. File name and folder path rules based on document content can be applied and required metadata can be identified automatically.
Filing Assist, with automated batch scanning, is perfect for repetitive scan processes of similar document types. Learned scan workflow templates can be used by multiple users to store documents easily in a structured way. The end-user driven scan workflow template 'My Filing Assist' aims to improve non-repetitive and user individual scan processes.

Scan delegation

When digitizing documents as part of a larger business process, the user who scans a document does not always need to be the same person who processes it. It can often be more effective to hand over the work to someone else. Administrators can provide users with the capability to hand over their scan jobs manually to correspond with it. In some situations it may be imperative documents are processed within a given time period. To meet these demands, documents scanned into Filing Assist can also be handed over automatically after a specified period has lapsed.

Unifying printing and scanning

When operating Canon multifunctional devices, users can employ the same identification method and interface for both scanning and printing. After logon, users can either select their personal scan profiles or their secure print queue so there is no need to manage users, roles etc. separately. Users benefit from a similar look and feel making it intuitive to complete all tasks at the device.