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Combine uniFLOW Online and Universal Print!

No server, no hubs, no connector and no client software is needed! Universal Print, in combination with uniFLOW Online, is a 100% cloud solution that connects natively. Users print from their Windows PC to a single print queue and securely release their print jobs at any device after authentication regardless of the network configuration including Zero Trust networks.

Centralized print management in Azure

Universal Print, developed by Microsoft, is a modern print service experience in Azure for business or educational establishments of any size. It moves key Windows Server print infrastructure to the Microsoft 365 cloud and provides robust and centralized print management capabilites. A single generic driver is used, irrespective of printer model, so no driver management and setup is needed. Printers are easily identified from Windows devices and users continue to print as they always have.

Innovative cloud printing technology for simplicity, security and less IT infrastructure.

Cloud technology which overcomes IT skills' gaps within organizations.

Reliable and innovative cloud printing technology.

Cloud printing technology that enhances security in comparison to on-site software.

Secure technology is key: 15.8% of all documents uploaded contain sensitive material.

Technology to enable businesses to store data in defined legal jurisdictions.

Technology that maintains its innovative lead in the pace with the market changes.

Game changing cloud printing technology delivering speed and innovation gains.

Innovative cloud technology that makes physical servers unnecessary.

Adapting technology to deliver new ways of working and process change.

Cloud technology is increasing the agility of businesses.

Cloud technology gives access to more computing resources at lower costs.

Technology which ensures full compliance with regulations where data is stored.

Technology which helps smaller organizations level the playing field against larger organizations.

Extend the capabilities of Universal Print

uniFLOW Online, based on Microsofts sophisticated Azure™ cloud technology , further extends Universal Print. The connection creates a holistic cloud solution that combines powerful features with straightforward administration. Empower Microsoft Universal Print by adding

  • Secure Printing
  • My Print Anywhere
  • Full accounting (print, copy, fax, scan), prices, cost centers, and reporting
  • Support for other client operating systems such as Mac and ChromeOS
  • Mobile Printing and Mobile Printing for guests
  • And much more

Native connection

uniFLOW Online connects natively with Universal Print. All printers are handled centrally in uniFLOW Online, including bulk device registration, for an even faster setup.

Single print queue

Users print as they always have, with their Windows PC, with the convenience of a single print queue. The print jobs can be securely released at any device after authentication.

Regional data centers

As both Universal Print and uniFLOW Online are hosted in Microsoft Azure™ data centers distributed across the globe, data sovereignty is provided at all times. Customer data always remains within the local region and print spool files cannot be shared between different data centers.

Approximately 40% of business and IT leaders indicate that security is their primary concern.

A recent study showed that 75% of users say the business value of mobile printing is similar to PC printing.

In 2015, 12.4% of total data breaches were paper-based.

Approximately 35% of smartphone and tablet users are currently unable to print from their mobile devices.

Fully Cloud managed

Integrate uniFLOW Online even more with Microsoft

Various interfaces to Microsoft’s product make uniFLOW Online the perfect addition to any office environment and can integrate even better with the Microsoft universe.

Claims-based authentication

Authenticate users against Microsoft Office 365™ or on-premise Windows Active Directory®

Print from cloud

Access and print documents stored in Microsoft OneDrive® directly with Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices

Microsoft Azure App Gallery listing

Integrate users, using pre-configured claim action mappings, for Azure AD and Office 365™

Secure document scanning

Scan to Microsoft OneDrive®, Microsoft OneDrive® for Business or Microsoft SharePoint® Online

Unleash the full power with Canon devices

uniFLOW Online is compatible with printers from any manufacturer but it works best with Canon devices. The strong bond and joint development efforts which connect Canon and uniFLOW Online has provided innovative solutions that have revolutionized the print and scan environment. uniFLOW Online unleashes its full power when combined with Canon’s imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX and other Office Printers.

Ready to use today

Large organizations have the opportunity to try uniFLOW Online and the Universal Print integration before the official launch date. To learn more, please contact

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