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Maximize the Benefit of Cloud Technology

uniFLOW Online has been developed from the ground-up to leverage the benefits of the Microsoft Azure™ cloud platform, providing superior enterprise platform security, scalability and resilience. Unique technologies answer the concerns of IT leaders and business owners when contemplating a cloud-based print and scan management solution. uniFLOW Online uses key components from uniFLOW that are installed onto a customers' network, whilst the main uniFLOW Online portal is hosted in the cloud.

Innovative Cloud Platform

uniFLOW Online is a Software-as-a-Service solution that is hosted regionally at Microsoft Azure™ data centers. The entire configuration and management of uniFLOW Online takes place in the cloud. Administrators logon to the cloud portal in order to manage users, groups and printers and to compile reports on device usage. With uniFLOW Online there is no requirement to purchase, maintain or manage local servers.

uniFLOW Online does not provide its own identity management. Instead, it accepts logon credentials from multiple identity providers. The default provider is Microsoft Azure Active Directory. Alternatively administrators can use Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) to integrate with Microsoft Office 365 for example or their own locally hosted Active Directory®. It is also possible to make use of shared web identity providers e.g. Facebook, Google, Yahoo!® or Windows Live ID.

The primary security benefit of this identity management system is that uniFLOW Online does not store any user passwords. Despite this, as long as the customer's own local Active Directory is connected, any password changes or user additions are automatically updated and recognized in uniFLOW Online.

uniFLOW Online - Leading Technology

One Single Print Queue

The uniFLOW Universal Driver provides a single print queue that users can send print jobs to regardless of the printer model being used. The Universal Driver provides a simple interface with advanced printing features. It also encrypts and compresses print jobs as they are sent directly from the user's PC to the printer, reducing network traffic and enhancing security.

Local Processing of Print Jobs

It’s an innovation in enterprise printing. Print jobs are processed on the user’s PC by the uniFLOW SmartClient, or a supporting Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE, and retained securely until they are required. When print jobs are sent to the printing device they remain compressed and protected. Only mobile print jobs and print jobs that originate from cloud services are processed in the cloud.

Control Device Authentication

The Universal Login Manager is installed directly on the ULM-enabled Canon device and communicates directly with uniFLOW Online and the uniFLOW SmartClient. It controls the device authentication process and shows the list of print jobs available to the user as well as available scan profiles.

In the case of non-Canon devices, the uniFLOW Release Station takes over device authentication control and secure print functionality.

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Security thanks to unique Technologies

By combining a powerful cloud platform with unique uniFLOW technologies, uniFLOW Online helps address the challenges that cloud-based print and scan management brings. Together these technologies enable businesses to transform their onsite infrastructure into a cloud-based print and scan management system.