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Maintaining system security

uniFLOW Online is a multi-tenant cloud-based service that enables customers to print and scan securely and provides a clear overview of costs. Users can either print from their PC or submit files by email. To allay any concerns regarding the security of a cloud-based solution, details of uniFLOW Online’s security features are given below:

  • How does a user print a confidential document that stays within the local network?
  • How is user and document information stored and managed within the cloud?
  • How do printers communicate with the cloud-based service?
  • How is tenant data stored in regional Microsoft Azure data centers?

Frequently asked questions

How does user authentication and password storage work alongside uniFLOW Online?

uniFLOW Online does not provide its own identity management. Instead, it accepts logon credentials from multiple identity providers. The default provider is Microsoft Azure Active Directory. Alternatively administrators can use Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) to integrate with e.g. Microsoft Office 365 or their own locally hosted Active Directory®. In addition it is possible to make use of shared web identity providers like Google, Yahoo!® or Windows Live ID. The primary security benefit of this identity management system is that uniFLOW Online does not store any user passwords. That said, provided the customer's own local Active Directory is connected, any password changes or user additions are automatically updated and recognized in uniFLOW Online.

How do print jobs stay within the local network?

Thanks to uniFLOW SmartClient, a software installed on a client PC, print jobs stay within the local network where they are processed and stored on users’ local PCs instead of being sent via VPN to a hosted server or the internet to a cloud-based service. When a print job release is initiated the uniFLOW SmartClient sends the job directly to the device the user is authenticated at. Users can also send their print jobs directly to third generation imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices using Direct Secure Print, while still profiting of My Print Anywhere functionality. Print jobs are only released to a selected printer once a user has authenticated at that device. The spool file is automatically deleted as soon as the printout is completed or after a specified period of time. 

How does scanning work with uniFLOW Online?

Users can scan directly to themselves, Google Drive™ or a variety of cloud-based scan destinations. When scanning, the captured document travels via the cloud to the selected scan destination. However, no scanned content or scan images are stored in uniFLOW Online. Only the processing, if applicable, is done in the cloud. Regular users and administrators have no access to content or index data of the scanned document.

How does secure Mobile Printing work alongside uniFLOW Online?

Users can print jobs from their mobile devices, smartphones or tablets by sending the file to be printed as an email to uniFLOW Online or directly using mobile job submission on the uniFLOW Online Tenant. Should the file need conversion from its native file format into a language the printer is capable of processing, this will happen within the regional data center in which the uniFLOW Online service is hosted i.e. customer data does not leave the data center. Once converted, the original file is deleted. The converted file is held within the regional data center until the user selects it to be released/printed or until they are automatically deleted after a pre-set time.

What user and print job information does uniFLOW Online store?

Only accounting data and configuration information is sent outside the company network to the uniFLOW Online tenant. By default, print jobs’ file names are not uploaded to uniFLOW Online which removes yet another potential security risk. Other sensitive information e.g. ID card numbers or PIN numbers stored in users’ accounts are encrypted via a one-way salted hash to enhance security. Mobile print jobs and documents print from cloud services are converted and held within the regional data center until they are released/printed or until they are automatically deleted after a preset time.

How does uniFLOW Online help administrators to comply with GDPR?

uniFLOW Online helps to increase document security, but also supports the administrator to fulfill the user rights related to GDPR. Administrators can easily collect all personal data of a user by downloading a .json file and hand it over to the user making use of their right of access. The delete button erases all personal data of a user from the UI and active databases, but also from databases holding deleted version and object history. Accounting data in reports remain, the users name and relating print job names are anonymized.

What tenant information is stored within uniFLOW Online?

Customer data is stored in uniFLOW Online according to statutory requirements. Customer data is not shared with any third parties including Canon or the partner selling the service to the customer. Canon/the Canon partner can only view the names of their customers and license expiry dates. Customer user names, details and print data is only available to the relevant customer.

Approximately 40% of business and IT leaders indicate that security is their primary concern.

A recent study showed that 75% of users say the business value of mobile printing is similar to PC printing.

In 2015, 12.4% of total data breaches were paper-based.

Approximately 35% of smartphone and tablet users are currently unable to print from their mobile devices.

Fully Cloud managed

Security thanks to unique technologies

By combining a powerful cloud platform with unique uniFLOW technologies, uniFLOW Online helps address the challenges that cloud-based print and scan management brings. Together these technologies enable businesses to transform their onsite infrastructure into a cloud-based print and scan management system.