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Track costs and reduce paper consumptions

uniFLOW Online allows administrators to track printing, copying, faxing and scanning costs so costs can be allocated correctly to individual users, devices or departments. The uniFLOW Online dashboard displays all relevant information regarding the print, scan and copy environment.

Administrator and user dashboard

The dashboard clusters all widgets which collect and visualize data from various uniFLOW Online sources. Multiple dashboards can be configured and widgets dragged and dropped as required, enabling administrators to check information such as print volume and compare black/white print volume against color print volume. Users are also shown their own print activities and volume on the dashboard i.e. raising users’ awareness of their print consumption and behavior.

Print and copy accounting

Multiple price profiles can be created to reflect different costs for different printers. Following authentication, additional copies or scans made on the device can also be allocated to the correct user, department and device.

Graphical reports

It is important for businesses to be able to collate print, copy, fax and scan usage information into reports. The uniFLOW Online portal contains nine graphical report types - user details, device details, department details, user summary, device summary, department summary, sampling by user, sampling by device and sampling by department. Report contents can be changed instantly by selecting filters e.g. specific users, groups, printers or date ranges. Selecting a location via the panel on the left side of the UI will only show data relevant to that location.

Export reporting data

All reporting data can be exported on a monthly base. The data in .csv format integrates perfectly with business analytics tools, allowing businesses to create own reports and retain print data, together with other business analytic data, centrally.