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Flexible Authentication

Device security is preserved as a user has to be physically at a machine to authenticate before accessing the machine functions. To release print jobs or to use the available scan profiles users simply swipe their company proximity card or enter a PIN or job code on the screen of the ULM-enabled Canon device.

Print Confidential Documents Securely

With uniFLOW Online users are able to print confidential documents securely. All print jobs stay in a users’ personal secure print queue until the user authenticates at a device and releases them. Print jobs follow users from device to device allowing the release of print jobs at a printer of their choice. Users can also alter finishing options directly at the device before printing.

Send Print Jobs from Anywhere

Regardless of location, users can use their smartphones or tablets to print documents securely. All submitted jobs appear in a user’s secure print queue and are accounted for, charged and managed correctly. All mobile print jobs are also displayed in the 'Mobile Print Jobs' widget on the dashboard. Whilst the job remains in the secure print queue users can also delete the print job using the widget.

Secure Document Scanning

With uniFLOW Online users can scan documents directly from any connected Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE. The lean and intuitive user interface plus the secure ‘Scan to Myself’ and ‘Scan to Google Drive™’ workflows help to bring about immediate gains in productivity. Next to the standard scan workflows, users can also scan directly to one of the following cloud-based destinations: Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive®/ OneDrive® for Business, Evernote® and Microsoft SharePoint® Online.

Track Print, Scan and Copy Costs

uniFLOW Online allows administrators to track their organization’s printing, copying, faxing and scanning costs enabling the allocation of costs to a user. The uniFLOW Online dashboard displays all valuable information regarding the organization’s print, scan and copy environment. In addition, different reports can be created to give detailed user, device and sampling summaries.

Cloud-based Infrastructure

Using uniFLOW Online’s innovative technology there is no requirement for a local server.  Secure jobs and related information are stored locally on the clients Windows® PC or a supporting Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE. Print jobs can also be released even when there is no connection available to uniFLOW Online.

Are you aware of how much users print, copy, scan and fax?

Are you able to provide a mobile print solution to employees and guests?

Are your employees able to print documents securely?

Are you confronted with high upfront costs for implementing a print management solution?

Are you still sourcing and maintaining server hardware for your print infrastructure?

Powerful Feature Set

Cloud computing allows businesses to reassess how their products are designed and manufactured, review how their customers purchase products and how processes and markets work. uniFLOW Online provides the answer to today’s challenges for organizations to reduce IT overheads, improve productivity and enhance security by offering a cloud-based secure print and scan solution.

uniFLOW Online is developed from the ground-up to leverage the benefits of the Microsoft Azure™ cloud platform, providing superior enterprise platform security, scalability and resilience for small to medium-sized businesses.

  • Local Print Jobs and regional Data Centers: Secure print jobs stay within the customer's local network, ensuring that documents are always safe. All data remains within the region; it is not exported to other legal jurisdictions.
  • Increase Document Security: By providing secure access to devices, uniFLOW Online ensures confidential documents will not fall into the wrong hands.
  • Increase Office Productivity: Employee productivity can be increased by providing mobile printing and scanning facilities for users where they are needed.
  • Control and reduce Printing and Copying Costs: With uniFLOW Online administrators can track and assess print, copy, fax and scan costs directly in the cloud and allow costs to be allocated to individual users.