uniFLOW Online
Celebrating 5 years of technology leadership
uniFLOW Online
Celebrating 5 years of technology leadership
uniFLOW Online
Celebrating 5 years of technology leadership
uniFLOW Online
Celebrating 5 years of technology leadership
uniFLOW Online
Celebrating 5 years of technology leadership
April 2021

We've come a long way, baby

It's only when you stop and look back that you can see how far you have come.

This is where we are now with uniFLOW Online which was launched 5 years ago, back in 2016. Looking back, our first version of uniFLOW Online was already a great product. On day one, we launched a fully cloud-based SaaS solution hosted on multiple regional Microsoft Azure™ data centers while keeping print jobs locally within the customer network. Printing via email, user authentication through Microsoft 365 and accounting for all print, copy, fax and scan jobs were all part of that first release.

Since then, thanks to our policy of releasing new versions every 4 months, we have transformed the first product into something completely unrecognizable.

2017 saw the introduction of guest email printing support, secure printing for non-Canon printers and our first scanning integration to Google Drive™ and email. More scanning destinations arrived in 2018 including Box, Dropbox, OneDrive®, SharePoint® Online together with the ability to convert scanned documents into editable formats such as Word. “Focus on the Enterprise” was the theme for 2019. Customers who have secured their network infrastructure with a Zero-Trust/Micro-segmentation model - where network devices can only "talk" to the internet and not each other - were supported when we added the ability for Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices to pull jobs directly from uniFLOW Online, removing the need for any local client software. Print jobs could also be stored on Canon device hard drives and pulled from device to device if the customer wanted to keep print jobs on the internal network rather than travel over the cloud.

Providing customers with multiple options as to how they would like to configure their printing environment, rather than forcing a "one size, fits all" approach, has always been a key development principle. This was further enhanced in 2020 by allowing users to print directly to uniFLOW Online (on Windows, Mac, Chrome, iOS and Android devices) from any location. At the same time, collaboration with Microsoft added support for Universal Print to enable users to submit jobs and securely release them without any need to install client software. Specific printing functionality required for different vertical markets, such as the ability to select cost centers or stop users printing and copying when they have run out of budget or quota, allowed uniFLOW Online to expand further. Scanning evolved further to include automatic meta-data entry by learning the document structure and applying barcode recognition and zonal OCR which removed the need for manual data entry.

As said before, it's only when you stop and look back that you can see how far you’ve come.

uniFLOW Online is now hosted in 7 different regional data centers (Europe, USA, Singapore, China, Japan, Australia, UK) and has been security checked by the US Government for use on their internal networks. It provides enterprise ready print and scan management functionality without needing any local infrastructure. It integrates with your existing identity providers including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Okta, PingFederate and others. .

This is us just getting started...

March 2021

Celebrating 5 years of technology leadership

We are proud to reach the fifth anniversary of uniFLOW Online, one of the world’s first 100% cloud-based print and scan management platforms. Since launching in 2016, the service has been enriched with a multitude of features to provide today a comprehensive solution for the evolving needs of our customers. Continuous development has made it the preferred cloud print and scan management solution for thousands of customers world wide with already more than 35.000 devices connected.

 “We are proud to be able to recognize that uniFLOW Online’s feature set has multiplied but, even more importantly, it is seen as a key element by our customers and the entire industry to help drive digital transformation. uniFLOW Online shows our dedication and passion as an innovative leader in print and scan management, listening with care to our customers requirements and demands.“
Karsten Huster, CEO and founder of NT-ware

Supporting businesses from any size

uniFLOW Online has evolved into an unmatched, sophisticated print and scan management solution. In the beginning it focused on user authentication, secure and mobile printing and accounting for small and medium sized businesses. Today, this versatile and feature-rich platform, hosted on regional Microsoft Azure datacenters, has grown to include a wide range of scanning applications, easy driver deployment and support for various job submission pathways so it can cater to the needs of even the large, worldwide operating enterprise customers.

Click here to read more about how uniFLOW Online helped De Zorggroep, a large healthcare provider in the Netherlands, in their transition to the workplace of the future.

“Over the past 5 years, we have seen many of our customers’ business requirements evolving. In a fast-changing business and societal environment, they all need to find ways to increase the productivity of their employees, allow mobility and remote working, whilst securely accessing information and processing documents. Canon Digital Transformation Services is supporting customers in this constant “need to adapt” journey, helping them to find solutions to their evolving requirements. uniFLOW Online is a key pillar in a comprehensive range of print & scan products, various software and services that Canon provides as part of its Digital Transformation Services offer. It enables customers to realise the opportunities the “New Way of Working” represents, while providing also solutions to the challenges that it generates.”
Marc Bory, European Sales Director, Canon Europe

Innovations that matter – setting unmatched standards

Cloud technology is offering previously unthinkable possibilities. Regular releases, several times a year, ensure technology enhancements are immediately available to customers worldwide. Key technology and feature developments have set unmatched markers in the industry:


  • Secure and email printing
  • Authentication & accounting
  • 100% cloud-based infrastructure
  • Hierarchical tenant structure


  • Scan to myself and Google Drive™
  • Guest email printing support
  • Multi-vendor support through uniFLOW Release Station


  • Built-in setup support for Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices
  • Device policies
  • Enterprise readiness
  • Powerful scan processing options
  • Scan to various additional cloud services


  • Client-free secure printing
  • Built-in setup support for Canon imageRUNNER/ i‐SENSYS/ imageCLASS devices
  • Print from cloud
  • Zero-trust & micro-segmentation


  • Cost center selection
  • Budget management
  • Driver deployment for any vendor
  • Batch scanning with automatic filing and indexing
  • OCR text-block selection for file name and meta data entry
  • uniFLOW Online Print & Scan app
  • Support for Apple Mac® computers
  • Universal Print by Microsoft® support
  • Google Chrome™ extension


  • Touchless device operation
  • Scan to Microsoft Exchange® Online

Award-winning functionality and product design

Various organizations recognize uniFLOW Online´s abundant features such as secure printing, cost tracking, mobile printing and advanced scanning which help organizations and their employees work efficiently. Its usability, flexible and straightforward design, robust security features and enhanced cloud functionality are seen as unmatched in the public cloud print and scan management arena.

  • Buyers Laboratory Inc. (BLI) (in 2019, 2020, 2021): Outstanding Cloud Output Management Solution
  • ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards: 2020 Silver ‘ASTORS’ Award for Best Access Control & Authentication System
  • PrintIT 2020 Awards: Cloud Print Management Solution of the Year

Driving innovations

NT-ware’s innovative spirit, paired with an agile development approach, ensure uniFLOW Online is the best-in-class public cloud print and scan management solution. We are looking forward driving future innovation in the years ahead.

Photo credits: pexels.com